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Proven Experience. Committed. Undeniable Results
Proven Experience. Committed. Undeniable Results
What Can I Help You Master Today
Proven Lead Generation Systems
Learn the four hottest newest customer acquisition systems available to the mortgage industry today. 

There are easier faster more efficient and more fun ways to generate as many leads in a day that you can handle.    
Proven Conversion Systems 
Is not enough to generate leads you have to be able to convert those leads into paying customers the fastest and most efficient way possible, this is where the documented conversion process is so valuable.
Growth Production Systems
Now you have enough leads coming in and you are converting them, now you need the daily time management and mortgage production systems to get all of these clients into your system the fastest most efficient way possible without crippling your life and your mortgage production teams. 
The "100 Million Dollar production System"
Create the life you love by freeing youself from the old ideas and emlimating barriers around high-level mortgage origination without the need for cold calling realtors for business. You will increase your production the fastest and most efficient way possible - while having more fun in the process. 
Hi there, I'm Jim Stryker. I'm the creator of the 100M production system. I'm passionate about high level mortgage origination and the systems and processes that make the mortgage business even better and way more fun to be a part of. 

I'm a lifelong student of mastering human potential by creating days on earth of personal purpose and personal meaning. 

This website is a place of my life's work thus far. 

I will always be in pursuit of making this website better, both for you and for me. 

I personally believe the best way to impact the world and create a clear sense of meaning for one’s life is to get ourselves sorted out first, then we can begin to put ourselves in a position to contribute to others.  I am a work in process!
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